Chronology Master Artist LeRoy Clarke

DATE OF BIRTH 1938 November 7th

1944-52 Escallier E.C. School, Gonzales

1952-53 Young High School, Belmont

1953-58 Osmond High School, PoS

1959-67 Teacher, St Phillip’s E.C. School – John, John

1962 National Independence Exhibition, (Group Show), Trinidad & Tobago

1962-67 Member, Trinidad Theatre Workshop

1966-70 Fragments of A Spiritual (Poems) Unpublished

1966  Labour of Love (I st. One-Man Show) Bank of Nova Scotia, PoS

1966  Biennial (Group Show) Sao Paulo, Brazil Save

1967  Expo '67 (Group Show) Toronto, Canada

1967  Married Vera Mitchell

1969  Birth of first Son: Kappel LeRoy Clarke

1969  Harlem Artists '68 (Group Show) Studio Museum, Harlem USA 1969 Impact Africa (Group) New York

1969 Loeb Student Centre (Group Show) New York University

1969 Hudson River Museum (Group Show) Yonkers, New York

1970 Afro American Artists (1800-1969) (Group Show) Philadelphia Museum

1971 Black American Artists - Illinois Bell Travelling Exhibition (Group) USA

1972 Fragments of A Spiritual (One Man) Studio Museum, Harlem USA

1972 Fragments of A Spiritual (One Man) St Mary's Centenary Hall, PoS

1972-75 Artist-In-Residence Studio Museum, Harlem USA

1972 Published TASTE OF ENDLESS FRUIT (Love Poems)

1973-75 Working on Douens Series - Home Studio 7, 840 Montgomery, Street Brooklyn, NY

1974 Directions in Afro American Art (Group Show) Cornell University, USA

1975 Latin American Art (Group show) Indiana University, USA

1976 Douens (One-Man) Howard University, Washington DC

1976 Published DOUENS: A Portfolio of Eight Drawings

1977 One Man Exhibition: Washington, DC

1979 Douens - Teachers Training College, POS, Trinidad.

1980-88 Preparation of El Tucuche Series

1980 Returned to Trinidad (permanently)

1980 Purchased a twenty-five Acre Cocoa Estate In Arlpo, Trinidad

1981 Published DOUENS, Poems

1983 Married Aileen Goddard

1983 Contemporary West Indian Artists (Group Show) New York

1988 EI Tucuche I: In the Maze a Single Line To My Soul, Aquarela Galleries, PoS, Trinidad

1988 Caribbean Arts Community - A Spirit Undaunted (Group Show) Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados

1989 EI Tucuche II: De Eye Am, Aquarela Galleries, POS, Trinidad

1990 EI Tucuche III: EI Tucuche Approaching Apotheosis, Aquarela Galleries, PoS, Trinidad

1990 4 Artists in Venezuela (Group Show) Caracas

1991 EI Tucuche IV: Selection from Utterance, Aquarela Galleries, PoS, Trinidad.

1991 Caribbean Artist Today (Group Show) Drexel University, Philadelphia, Italy

1992 Contemporary Painting, Trinidad & Tobago (Group Show), October Gallery, London

1992 A Taste of Endless Fruit, (Drawings), Aqarela Galleries, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

1992 A Retrospective '68 -92 (Carifesta V) National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad & Tobago

1992 1492-1992, Another look at the Caribbean (Group) Espace, Carpeaux, Courbevoie, France

1993-94 Pantheon I: Fossil of Memory, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

1996 Pantheon II: Slave Ship Called Fossil of Memory, National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad & Tobago

1996 Pantheon II: Slave Ship Called Fossil of Memory (One Man) Atlanta, USA

1996 Pantheon III: Sanctuary Gallery 10I, Dedicated to Ms. Pat Bishop.  Tragarete Rd PoS., Trinidad & Tobago

1996 Signs & Portents; National Exhibition of Fine Art (Group Show) Gulf City & Tobago

1996 Second Annual Transafrican Festival Spotlight Pantheon (Fossil of Memory) Galleries, Atlanta

1996 Pantheon II: Slave Ship Called Fossil of Memory, National Museum Jamaica

1997 Revelations I: Fables ... Planting Seeds in De Dark, Art Creators, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

1998 The Masters: Retrospective of De Poet Series, National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad & Tobago

1998-00 Revelation II: Landscape of Consciousness Kiskadee , A Cultural Laboratory, Trinidad & Tobago

2000 Revelations III: Devil Gut

2002 Revelation IV: Syllables, (One Man) Gallery 10 I, Tragerete Road, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

2003 Dwellings I, One - Man Exhibition, Gallery 10 I, Tragerete Road, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

2003 Official recognition as a National Icon

2004 Revelations V: Moments, (One Man) Gallery 10 I, Tragerete Road, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

2004 Caribbean Distinguished Artist (One Man) (Carifesta VIII) Suriname

2004 Published: EYEING DE WORD ... Love Poems for ETTELYNE

2005 One Man Exhibition, Campbell's Gallery, London

2005 One- Man Exhibition, Bahamas National Museum

2005 West Indian Heritage Exhibition, Bermuda National Art Gallery

2005 Eyeing de Word in My Art, (One Man)101 Gallery, Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago Building

2005 Awarded a Staff of Eldership and Chieftaincy Title in the Orisha Community by The Ile Eko Sango/Osun MiI'Osa (IESOM) Title reads: Chief If a’ Oje’ Won Yomi Abiodun.

2005 Made an Honorary Fellow of UTT, the University of Trinidad & Tobago

2005 Folk Arts Award for contribution to Arts and Culture, Trinidad and Tobago Folk Arts Institute, New York USA

2005 Revelations VI…Cogitative Dimensions (One Man) The National Museum of Trinidad & Tobago

2006 Eyeing de Word in my Art, (One Man) Gallery at Fine Art, Woodbrook, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

2006 Revelations VI…Cogitative Dimensions (Revisited) CARIFESTA IX Masters Award Exhibition, National Museum of T, & T

2006 Dwellings II, Gallery at Fine Arts

2007 Published: De Distance is Here.  The El Tucuche Poems 1984-2007 (Cinderella Edition)

2007 Association of Caribbean States (ACS) - Greater Caribbean Art of the 21st Century, Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago

2007 Drawings…As in Drawing Out, National Museum and Art Gallery, POS, Trinidad & Tobago

2007/8 Drawings…As In Drawing Out, National Library and Information System Authority, PoS, Trinidad & Tobago

2008 Group Exhibition at In2Art Gallery, St Ann’s (February)

2008 Launch of UTT’s Edition of De Distance is Here: The El Tucuche Poems 1984-2007 (March 13th)

2008 Preludes I: Laventille Here, Laventille There, Laventille Everywhere, Gallery at Fine Art, Woodbrook, POS

2008 Preludes II: Laventille Here, Laventille There, Laventille Everywhere, In2Art Gallery, St Ann’s

2008 Exhibition of Writings: LeRoy Clarke Master Artist and Poet, Ceremony to Recognise 70th Birthday, Main Library University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine (October 15th)

2008 Sunshine Award for Contribution to Fine Arts, New York (October 25th)

2008 Presentation of “Key to the City of Port of Spain, City Hall, Port of Spain (October 30th)

2008 “LeRoy Clarke at 70” Master Artist: A Living Heritage – National Museum & Art Gallery (November 4th)

2008 Preludes: Laventille Here, Laventille There, Laventille Everywhere, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (November 7th) 2888 Launch of CLICO’s 2009 Calendar in Tribute to Master Artist LeRoy Clarke (November 14th)

2008 The El Tucuche Symposium, LeRoy Clarke at 70. Three day Symposium hosted by UNESCO (November 19th -21st) At the Central Bank of T&T, POS, Trinidad.

2008 Conferring of Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts by the University of Trinidad and Tobago, (UTT) (December 3rd)

2008 Published Secret Insect of a Bird Deep in Me, Wanting to Fly - Drawings 1968-2008

2009 Construction of De Legacy - House of El Tucuche, Well Spring Cascade (Work in Progress)